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the woodshed


I am always scavenging offcuts and scrapwood for firewood for the stove, squirreling it away for the Winter months means I need somewhere handy to store it and keep it dry. So we built a storeĀ at the back of the house – for handy access when dashing outside in inclement weather. It started out as pallets all screwed together with a piece of ply on a slant as the roof covered with roofing felt – a scrap given to me by Tommy the local shed builder (whose offcuts contribute to my firewood collection). This was then covered with old roofing slates I scrounged from my Uncle’s farm. The sides have planking overlapped with some planks cut to size. I got it in my head I wanted good looking rustic doors with a cut out. So we bought some hinges and we cut out two pieces of wood that were the sides of an unwanted wardrobe that I had found in a friend’s shed. We had hoped to restore the wardrobe but when we took it apart to clean it, treat it (and fit up the spiral staircase!) we decided it was too rotten in places and not that well made afterall. I have kept the front panels which drew me to it in the first place. They are handcarved and I think with a scrub and some liming wax they will make two lovely panels in the bedroom – where we are planning to screen off some of the room to create a divide between creative working space and relaxing area. Back to the woodstore, we finished it off with cut out diamond shapes – also good for ventilation. I have treated it with clear preservative and we also intend to paint the wood with a chalky lime finish – perhaps with some cement mixed in as that effect has worked for us in the past. It should weather nicely. So something practical and necessary has become a feature in the garden. Delighted.