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Springtime Lime hues in interiors

May is my favourite month of the year – we have the whole Summer ahead, the days are continuing to get longer, my first swim is just around the corner….but loveliest thing is the lush green in all the new growth around the garden, it is so fresh and zingy. And just as it is appearing outside, we can bring it inside too. Rather than paint your walls a lime green colour, a more subtle way of tipping your cap to Spring is to introduce elements of a zingy green in your interior in fabrics, fresh blooms or in artworks. Some inspirational pics below……


Above we have a shot of lime on the bed linen, a exuding freshness from the velvety rich dark background. I love this image so much. {photo: Debi Treloar}

This image below, from my own house, illustrates how it can just be coming from a few brushstrokes in a landscape.


The use of lime green in cushions is the simplest way to brighten up a neutral interior – they become the stars of the room…{photograph by Debi Treloar}


This stunning study of a wild geranium leaf by Grainne Cuffe is one of a set of three etchings. Each one has different tones of fresh greens – creating such an impact when hung together in a room. These and lots more are available through my Home Curation Service. {}



another example of subtle green in a classic interior in this shot in the dining room in Biddesden in Wiltshire {photo: Farrow & Ball}….


and finally one of my favourite ceramicists, Judith Rowe, who is now based in Hastings but used have her studio on Eel Pie Island in Twickenham at the same time that I was based in Richmond, I have collected her work ever since, she has a whole series of green & cream pottery featuring quirky elements of nature. {photo: Country Living}


so bring in Spring however which way……….


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