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Making an Entrance 1


I am lucky enough to be a volunteer gardener at the world renowned Mount Usher Gardens (or maybe they are lucky to have me and my sunny disposition, I don’t know). I work alongside the Head Gardener Sean with Minnow & Max (his two jack russels) in tow. Then there is Emma, Graeme, Noel and Si each with their own talent & passions that they dedicate the Gardens. It is hard to believe such a small number of people are caretakers to such an expanse of stunning natural beauty.


Anyhow I will write about the gardens themselves and all their glory in a separate post, today I want to write about our new entrance in to the gardens. Some industrial buildings have been lying empty for the past few years – commercial space that had become unused since the ‘downturn’.  It was a sorry blot on the beautiful landscape of the courtyard at Mount Usher which is tended to by Sean and his team. Here we have the garden restaurant, and the fantastic garden shop – which is where I buy all my plants and pots and any gifts I am ever buying for people – I could not do without it, there is also a handy Avoca deli for artisan foodstuffs and Strawbridges which is great for home  items,  especially good for tablecloths as well as furniture. I digress… up to now the entrance to the finest example of William Robinson’s way of gardening was a small (but beautifully simple) gate. Now Avoca have cleverly incorporated that empty building so it has become a more befitting entry to the gardens that lay ahead – with a nod to the history of the gardens


Ros, Avoca’s talented and tireless stylist has created an airy space with museum style cabinets full of historical paraphernalia to peruse, including a lovely tribute to head gardeners past and present….



They have also made use of the existing stove and added some apt decorative touches throughout …



We are enticed to enter the gardens with style –  with the use of paint colours that sit so beautifully with the greens of nature,  simple wainscotting and recycled windows…


Old fashioned …in a good way…. well worth a visit.


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