Floral & Gardens, Interior Style

Making an Entrance 2

I am working on creating a large hallway for a client at the moment. We are making it from a redundant dining room that originally was off the small original hall. A space for greeting guests, to take and put away their coats, take off muddy boots and instantly feel welcome and at home. But why not make the space more than just a corridor to the rest of the house. If it is a bit narrow it could be a galleried space to display your art


or if you are lucky enough to have a big hallway, perhaps to enjoy pre-dinner drinks – why not  make a bar out of an old cupboard?!


I dream of having a hall big enough to house a table in the middle


Whatever the size of your hall, there are some things which I feel are essential….

Fresh flowers




a mirror to check yourself on the way out


and like I said even if you only have a tiny hallway like me there is always room for some sort of welcoming display no matter how simple.


p.s. source of images: house beautiful, country living, me, and scrapbooked from pinterest with no credits I’m afraid.


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