The etchings of Grainne Cuffe

As a taster to the Open Studios Event in a couple of weeks, I wanted to show you some works by  printmaker Grainne Cuffe

Grainne specialises in intricate studies of plants and their colours, many of them on a very large scale therefore producing a very simple way to introduce strong simple colour into your surroundings, investing and enjoying fine art while you’re at it.

My favourite of her series (at the moment) is her wild geranium leaf set, where she has studied in such detail the leaves of what some of us think of to be a weed! The studies include details of seed heads and flower heads but the star of the show is the leaf.  She has pulled out the fresh greens you get with new leaves and together, as a set of three, the impact is stunning!


‘Wild Geranium leaf I’ etching by Grainne Cuffe


‘Wild Geranium leaf II’ etching by Grainne Cuffe


‘Wild Geranium leaf III’ etching by Grainne Cuffe

Another series creating impact are two studies of Sweet pea, on a scale so huge that you would need a sizeable room to carry it off – when framed they are over a metre square, the effect is stunning. Strong vibrant red & pink – these pieces work well in additional new spaces that have often been added on to an older house.


‘Sweet scented I’  etching by Grainne Cuffe


‘Sweet Scented II’  etching by Grainne Cuffe

Grainne has also produced a study of pinks (dianthus) there are five in this series with tones of mauves, dusty pinks, fuschia and aubergine through the set.


‘Dianthus III’ etching by Grainne Cuffe


‘Centaurea Montana II’ etching by Grainne Cuffe


‘Mountain Ash III’ etching by Grainne Cuffe

While wandering about the house with a view to planning next weeks event I found a sitting room with an old series of roses and fell in love, These editions are long sold out but Grainne tells me she is planning on looking at roses again, I am nagging her to do so. Pictures of roses which had become a bit old fashioned are now enjoying a revival in popularity with the current movement of nostalgia and all things vintage. At the end of the day garden roses ooze elegance and class (no to be confused with shop bought roses that never really open and have no scent -yuk)


I am hosting an Open Studio Weekend at the home and studios of Brien & Grainne on the 15th & 16th of June – please contact me direct if you would like an invitation to an opportunity to meet the artists and view their works in situ. All works on display will be for sale.


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