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Curtains that are not curtains

I have been meaning to put up some linen curtains on the long window upstairs. There was already an old curtain rail installed to it was just a case of getting curtain crocodile clips (which are one of the best inventions in the world) and choosing a throw from my vast collection that was in keeping with the simple feel of that room that I am currently working on – I chose a loose linen with a simple double stripe. Add a bit of driftwood and hey presto! Summer Curtains. Image


The joy of this method is that you are not committing to these curtains forever. In the Autumn I will probably change them for a tweed or woollen  fabric – it will take five minutes.



While I do love bespoke curtains in an elegant setting, sometimes they are too much when you are going for a simple informal feel. 


source – acoustic garden


Maybe they are not there to block out the light or add privacy but perhaps just to screen an unsightly window frame. 



They may not even be covering a window at all but creating a partition 




or substituting a door…



source – casa brutus


Whatever way you choose to hang your fabric, it enables you to build another layer of texture to a room.




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