Inspiration, Interior Style


Seeing the rich deep colours of the blackcurrant leads me to looking at rich purple colours in interiors. When used as a paint colour on walls it has a very dramatic effect like for example this bathroom painted in ‘brinjal’ by Farrow & Ball



or in this more eclectic bathroom – the drama is still there, enhanced by the tiling details


Stunning isn’t it? I love the way the light plays on the colour.


There are quieter ways to introduce a rich purple into your interior

Take this large bookcase in the dining room of Marianna Kennedy in Spitalfields (featured in Ben Pentreath’s Book). The large bookcase is painted in a deep aubergine colour, the depth of which is heightened by the marigold yellow of the inside of the cabinet.





Similarly the beautiful subtle colour of this kitchen door in this farmhouse in County Cork (photograph by Simon Brown) is highlighted by the primrose yellow of the dresser.




Of course as usual the gentler way of entertaining the colour in your home is in the details.



these sing out against their pale grey background


Simple flowers from the garden can dictate your accent colours at home from day to day


English designer Ben Pentreath has made his dahlias the stars on his mantlepiece, complemented by those deep purple candles. 







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