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Granny’s chair

I inherited a couple of choice pieces of furniture from my lovely Granny after she passed away. One was a sweet bentwood chair. I am always drawn to these as my house is quite ‘compact’ so their neatness is ideal for me and I love that they can be grabbed and brought out to the garden or more added around the table when there are visitors. Anyway the chair was painted in a thick white gloss paint – probably by one of my Aunties giving it a then new lease of life in the seventies! It turns out it originally came from my Grandfather’s hairdressers which was above his chemist in Dun Laoghaire in the Sixties and Seventies. I spent HOURS scraping it back with a blade, there are still a few glimpses of white but thats ok for me. I finished off with a bit of beeswax for the wood and so now the chair has had its latest ‘new lease of life’, I bought a round seat cushion locally in Strawbridge in Ashford et voila!





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