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Styling your home for the Festive Season – part 2

Continuing my notes on styling your home using nature as your resource……

Simply place an evergreen branch in a bucket  this is great for those short on funds for a costly Christmas tree or if like me you are short on space. It looks great on a hall table so Christmas greets your guests on entering.


Another great alternative to a tree – or something to have in another room – on the kitchen dresser perhaps –

Tie together a bunch of deciduous branches. Hold in place in a garden urn or flower pot with some large stones – cover these with moss and decorate with your favourite baubles as these are going to be seen more so than if they were on the tree.


Handy tip – always change the cheapy string on baubles to ribbon – it looks so much more expensive! Ribbon – when ever I buy a new dress the first thing I do is cut off those annoying ribbon loops that are waiting to flop out at an inopportune moment.


and as a person who can’t throw anything away for fear of it being useful, I have a box full of them!


Hang baubles from shelves or anywhere you see a hook!


 I made some bunting made from pages of an old book


 – love this especially if you have a darker colour on your walls – it really stands out but in a very simple way


This year I will be mostly wrapping my presents in brown paper tied up with string

with an added embellishment of decorative detail from nature.

2013-12-14 15.11.30

Wishing you a very happy & stylish Christmas!



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