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I heart copper

As an etcher, copper is very important to me as an essential core material – the plates I draw on with a needle are made from copper.

Imageimage: niamh mac gowan

but also at the moment for me I am really enjoying using copper in my interiors. I adore metallics  – not too shiny now – chrome to me is cold and clinical but rustic metals, mercuried silvers and distressed golds are great. I think their textures are very important as a layer in an interiors. Copper is so warm and I just love it with tweeds, linens and wools  – fabrics I often use.

Its also the fact that it can be utilitarian 


image: via pinterest

or it can be decorative…


image: niamh mac gowan

It works well in the kitchen….


copper plate from herriott grace

and also is great for lighting as it emits a warm light…


image: this ivy house

M&S copper pendant light

copper pendant light from M&S

strand lamp by Clancy Moore Architects

strand lamp by Clancy Moore Architects available from Makers & Brothers



I got this gorgeous copper wax from Cornelissens in London you can just rub it on wood and polish it off a few hours later. 

I have been decorating the bedroom this new year (more about that in a separate post) and I used it on the bed knobs 

Imageimage: niamh mac gowan

I also used it on an old sconce I had lying about…




et voila


The nice thing about copper is that you can pick it up in bric-a-brac or charity shops for next to nothing.

I got this bowl in a shop in Brighton for £4 last Summer


image: niamh mac gowan

I bought this oversized copper bauble last month and now it is doing disco ball duty in the bedroom..


image: niamh mac gowan

I think I may be a magpie!


2 thoughts on “I heart copper

  1. patricia giebutowski says:

    it is so delightful to have discovered your presence on the net! (i found it by looking up, for the umpteenth time, arne maynard and his beautiful world). you have such a good eye and are so creative – another wonderful source for inspiration! by the way, i live in the middle of new hampshire, usa. i thought i had enough copper in my home, but couldn’t resist adding a nice kettle found at a favorite thrift shop, which makes us kindred spirits.

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