I  run a multi faceted creative service: Interior Styling and Home Curation – both available in Ireland & England. On the Interiors side, I help people with a creative block find inspiration for their home or even just an underused room – this is charged on an hourly rate. I also have a gallery service – providing artworks by a number of fellow Irish Artists together with a bespoke framing & hanging service. As an artist & printmaker, I work at my press on the landing of my cottage on the coast of County Wicklow. I also carry out some of my work at Graphic Studio Dublin amongst my fellow printmakers. I travel frequently to Richmond, London where I continue to be inspired by the Thames and its environs. I also like exploring coastal villages  seeking more boaty inspiration. I have a passion for interiors and gardening. Everything I have done at home and in the garden has been on a budget, shopping around for bargains, recycling, re-using, bartering & scavenging. In my spare time I enjoy boating, history of buildings, galleries & crafts, cycling (of the ‘sit up and beg’ type) swimming (of the sea type), sipping sparkly drinks, sparkly things in general……

Me and a cocktail


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