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The easiest recipe in the land

These days I am concentrating (quite) hard on abstaining in an effort to look ‘fabulous at forty’ which is on the horizon. It ain’t easy and I am alway looking for shortcuts while trying to enjoy those simple pleasures in life (like, for example, a cheeky glass of chardonnay in the sunshine )

So I heard rumours about this bread and decided to give it a go last night. It could. not. be. easier.



I took a 500gr tub of low fat natural yoghurt and emptied in a bowl, then filled it twice with organic porridge oats and poured them in, a teaspoon of bread soda and I grated some cinnamon (optional). mixed it all together, poured it into a greased loaf tin and chucked it in the oven at 180 for an hour.

and that is it

have just had a slice with my sister’s gooseberry & elderflower jam and a cup of tea




Photographs & Styling by me

Spring blossoms from down the road

butter dish from Industry Design

teaspoon from an antiques shop in the mountains

knife from my Granny

plate by Judith Rowe at Made in Hastings

napkin from Cabbages & Roses

jam dish by Hilary Jenkinson at Crannmor Pottery

metal tray from Avoca Mount Usher

bud vase from Petersham Nurseries





meet 'Deerie'

I got this cute little fella in Petersham Nurseries a couple of weeks ago, he was all on his own and I thought it was carved out of wood but when I picked it up I found it light as a feather – made of papier maché!

Interior Style

Meet ‘Deerie’

Antiques & Antiquing, Interior Style, Lifestyle

My London Hoard


{photo by Alva Mac Gowan –}

I had a great afternoon in Spitalfields with my sister last week, shopping for treasures with a measly budget. So much so, I got in trouble with aer lingus last night with my suitcase being over the weight limit (as usual, I had to lie across it to make it close.  fact).

It began with a ginger beer at the magical Verde & Company. A tiny little coffee shop with a very big atmosphere due to its rich dark interior  – the perfect backdrop for their impressive display of jars of marmalades – cleverly backlit to create a warm light.


{photo by Alva Mac Gowan –}

We then went to the antique market – which is on every Thursday, I came home with a massive, very very old rug which we think is Afghan, the colours are faded by years in a sunny place but the other side there are vibrant terracottas and teal blues, moss greens and shocking pinks – I love it!

I also came across this beautiful carved little plinth which I haggled for – we were both happy with the final price of £15! This will soon be going on the wall to display something or other from time to time…


Then at another stand selling brocante, I picked up some really thick large linen tea towels which I may turn into a couple of cushions or keep as table covers – wish I had bought more now as I can’t decide which to do ….


While in Spitalfields we sheltered from the rain in the ten bells pub watching the world bustle by & enjoying the beautiful tiled wall, with a glass of champagne to celebrate the bargains.

And then a visit to one of my favourite London Shops – Town House on Fournier Street  – a mix of oh so beautiful antiques and curios as well as my kind of paintings and ceramics and tableware, including the fabulous handpainted ceramic tiles by my old friend Paul Bommer – see: for his wonderfully individual style of work.

There is the most amazing little courtyard at the back of this space, the best example you could see of how to make the most of a small enclosed outdoor space. We came away feeling very inspired..

Also on my London trip. I managed to find these GORGEOUS little glasses in a charity shop in East Twickenham for £1 each…. I feel an aperitif coming on!!


On down to Orleans House Gallery on the Riverside at Twickenham… this has such a great little gallery shop which always has interesting and affordable arts & crafts to buy (including etchings by yours truly). There I picked up this beautiful framed tile by Charlotte Stockley for only £20  – what a beauty!


And on a visit to the ever marvellous and inspiring Petersham Nurseries I bought a fab glass display dome – something I have had trouble finding in Ireland.


So I am feeling excited about integrating these wonderful finds into my own interior and inspired by all the beautiful displays I have exposed myself to.

Its nice to be home.