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A Haven

I recently created a very special master bedroom in a clients early Victorian home in County Dublin.

2014-06-26 16.12.58


The room stretches across the width of the house and the huge sash windows look out over the neighbouring houses trickling down towards Dublin Bay.

2014-06-26 16.49.24


I thought the way to make the most of this would be to make the view be the star with the use of paint colours. Using the gorgeous new greys from Little Greene we painted the walls in Grey Moss and all the woodwork was subtly brought out with Toad. Both rich dark greys with undertones of green and brown.

The ceiling was painted Down.

I sourced a unique mantlepiece in its raw form – its honey colour set against the warm dark walls is a picture.

2014-06-26 16.03.03


2014-06-26 16.08.58


The clients’ artwork pops out from the dramatic background

2014-04-11 17.30.53-1



2014-06-26 16.11.30

The result is a restful place to escape in a busy family home. 

2014-06-26 16.16.24

2014-06-26 16.20.20

2014-06-26 16.25.10


Architectural details sing set against the paint colours



2014-06-26 16.25.34

2014-06-26 16.40.29

2014-06-26 16.10.29



meet 'Deerie'

I got this cute little fella in Petersham Nurseries a couple of weeks ago, he was all on his own and I thought it was carved out of wood but when I picked it up I found it light as a feather – made of papier maché!

Interior Style

Meet ‘Deerie’

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Painted Rows of Houses

I have been working on some new rows of houses over the last couple of weeks. As in my printmaking and paintings I have a thing for bockety houses and  I can’t resist using lots of colours just as houses in rural irish villages & towns are painted to this day.

They are carved from offcuts from the local shed builder  – he gives me firewood but I am always on the lookout for pieces of wood that could make good miniature buildings.


After marking out on the pieces of wood what could go where, they are carved and the chimneys are added.


Then I paint them, each house individually with three coats with tones of terracotta for the chimneys.



and finally the details are painted – the doors and every single window pane


There are a few available at the moment:


this row of three houses: measuring approx 12cm in length and 4cm in height, cost £50 + p&p


this row of eight #2: measuring approx 29cm in length and 5cm in height, cost £125 + p&p


row of five: measuring approx 18cm in length and 5cm in height, cost £75 + p&p


this row of eight #1: measuring approx 29cm in length and 5cm in height, cost £125 + p&p


detail of row of eight #2


Think of them as 3D original paintings, that can sit on shelves or ledges or door surrounds or they are so light they can be just blu-tacked to the wall or even put in a box frame.


some new ones…..

2013-09-30 10.23.20 2013-11-04 15.27.00 2013-11-04 15.27.39